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Fabulous recipes a la Jane! LOL!!

Crab Rangoon in the Air Fryer Recipe

  I love love LOVE crab rangoon!  I made chicken rangoon a few weeks ago and it was amazing.  I thought I’d try crab this time and wowee they are so good!  Also helpful – very easy! As always – … Continue reading

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Browned Butter Pasta Alfredo Recipe

I made this recipe totally off the cuff, pulling 2 old recipes together and added caramelized onions, peas and mushrooms.  It was FABULOUS!  We sauteed scallops and shrimp (totally optional!) and placed on top – with a few crispy bacon … Continue reading

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Baileys Irish Cream Cheesecake with Baileys Irish Cream Ganache

I love Baileys Irish Cream..  It’s so versatile and so  yummy in EVERYTHING.  My husband asked for a fun cheesecake for his birthday and so I went with this one..  So yummy!!  It’s light and yet decadent..  My friend had … Continue reading

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Turkish Bread Recipe for Breadmaker

This bread is so easy and is so yummy!!  I add different things to it depending on what’s for dinner..  I added roasted garlic this time around, others have been rosemary or red pepper flakes or a mix or Italian … Continue reading

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Pavlova Fruit Tart

We had an amazing fruit pavlova at my nephew’s wedding and I immediately thought “oooh I need to make this at home!”  And so I did.  And let me tell you – it was fabulous!  It’s not that complicated and … Continue reading

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Best Chicken Marinade Ever Recipe!

We are always looking for yummy meat marinades.  This one was especially delicious.  I had originally pulled the marinade together on Saturday, but since we wanted to grill and it started pouring (go figure!) we waited to cook til Sunday. … Continue reading

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This is an amazing dinner, whether it’s for guests or a lovely dinner at home for your family!  You cannot MISS with this meal.. And yes I AM BACK – we’ve been incredibly busy and blah blah blah, all things … Continue reading

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Apple Bundles

I love apples and cinnamon – this recipe did NOT disappoint!   It’s truly delicious – and very easy! As always – enjoy!!

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Bailey’s Chocolate Mousse

I have whipped this recipe up randomly for special occasions or just for fun!  It looks complicated – but it’s not!  It’s amazing and well worth the small effort for a fabulous dessert.  I typically serve this in small shot … Continue reading

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Peppermint Pie Recipe

This is a fabulous pie – if I must say so myself!!  I whipped it  up for fun last week, and then when my friend asked me for the recipe I had to make it again to ensure I gave … Continue reading

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