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More on the pot pie.. LOL Turkey this time..

So my pies must be a hit. A good friend just said “ooh I have leftover turkey and if I bring you all the fixins (yes we live in the south), will you please make some pot pies out of … Continue reading

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Best “Chocolate Chippers” ever…

I just made a batch of these to send to school for Holly Days at Sanderson this weekend! =================== Here is what I submitted for the N&O Cookie Contest: ========== In 1951, what else do you give your newly married … Continue reading

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Pot Pie.. Chicken pot pie…

I love chicken pot pie. I started making pot pies years ago – and have tweaked the recipe thru the years to it’s perfection state 🙂 I used to make them for my parents when I cooked freezer meals for … Continue reading

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Pimiento Cheese

My friend Shirley dropped by the other day – and I gave her the grand tour of the Christmas decorations and the newly redecorated master bathroom. I made some wraps for lunch and also pulled out some of my homemade … Continue reading

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Lemon Meringue Pie

This is probably the BEST lemon meringue pie I have ever had. Yum scrum 🙂 It’s best served the day it’s made, but you can make the filling in advance, and refrigerate 2 days, then put the pie together.. Filling: … Continue reading

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Jane’s Potent Punch

I made this punch years ago for a party during the holidays. I didn’t have all the ingredients the original recipe called for so I improvised.. And yes, it was good. They drained the bowl.. LOL!! Here is my tweak … Continue reading

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The cards, all 122 of them, they are complete.

Yup, signed, stamped, addressed, return addressed, picture printed, letter written and signed, sealed, and even a Hallmark gold seal on the back. Whew. I need to get to the Post Office to mail a few special ones out of the … Continue reading

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Pecan Pie..

Here is my pecan pie recipe. Note – it’s not “gel-like” as a lot of pies are  – it gets the sweetness from sugar alone.  Most pecan pie recipes call for corn syrup – but not this one.. Pecan Pie: … Continue reading

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Yes the holidays are upon us. Well, almost. Well, actually about a month away…

I dragged the Christmas cards out this past weekend (after the decorating fest was put to bed).  I bought them last year on clearance OF COURSE.  Halloo why pay full price.  Anyway, I stamped, addressed (thank god for mail merge), … Continue reading

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Ice Nutrackers

These are so cool.  I scored 2 of them last year after Christmas – I scoured the store looking for a 3rd but there was no more to be found…

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