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Creamy Baked Pasta (with chicken – optional)

2 cups ziti or penne or ditalini. 14-16 oz marinara sauce 4 average size tomatoes (or you could use a small can of diced tomatoes) 3 oz cubed cream cheese 1 cup chopped cooked chicken – Optional – (I always … Continue reading

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Chocolate chip pan cookies

My daughter LOVES these pan cookies! 1 box light brown sugar (2 cups) 2/3 cup vegetable oil 3 eggs, beaten 2 3/4 cup flour 2 1/2 tsp baking powder dash salt 8 oz (or more to your liking) chocolate chips … Continue reading

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Is your brown sugar as hard as a rock?

here’s what to do.. Place the brown sugar in a microwaveable container. Place 2 damp paper towels on top. Cover tightly with plastic wrap. Microwave on high for 30 seconds, and then fluff the sugar. Continue at 10 second intervals … Continue reading

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The ceiling is painted!

Best advice: do NOT use a block sander. What a joke. I fired up the electric sander and it did the job in no time. Wow.

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The ceiling..

It was not so hard.. I slapped some drywall repair stuff (spackling and primer) onto the holes, smoothed it in, using a large putty knife. I sanded it down with a small block sander. I repeated twice. Ready to paint … Continue reading

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Mudding/sanding/mudding/sanding.. painting..

I have never repaired holes in walls or ceilings… til now… Had a new fixture put in the laundry room – got rid of the HIDEOUS florescent fixture in there. So, it left holes in the ceiling. I am going … Continue reading

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Freezer meals..

Tonight, I cut the grass. It was a bazillion degrees and I had no desire to cook after I came inside. I pulled out some chicken corn chowder that I had made back in March and frozen (of course!) I … Continue reading

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The wall – it is complete

DD spent a lot of time getting just the right pictures, so the “shape” would be good.. She didn’t intend it to stairstep at the bottom but it did and it looks so cool! 🙂 Most of these pictures are … Continue reading

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Fun wall in teen’s room

DD started on this yesterday. It looks soooo cool! Now when I was a kid my Mom would have freaked out. We could not hang anything in our bedroom walks. No nails, no tape, nothing.

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Painting Tip

No, not a cooking post. But a good one nevertheless. LOL DD and I worked on painting the deck today. I despise painting a deck. I so wish the original owners if this house had NEVER painted the back deck … Continue reading

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