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Mom’s Homemade Gravy Recipe

I love to make homemade gravy.  I would NEVER EVER eat something from a can – or package.  Just let me say this is all my Mom’s fault as she made GREAT gravy and I learned from her!  The must … Continue reading

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Jane’s Famous Gravy..

I do make good gravy. It’s an art – and not many people make gravy these days. My Mom taught me oh so long ago. I am glad she did. For many years I was the “Gravy Maker” for the … Continue reading

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Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Chicken Pot Pie: Here you go – it’s amazing. I just tripled this recipe today – it made 4 full pies and probably one more if I’d have been skimpy on the filling. 1/3 cup butter or margarine 1/3 cup … Continue reading

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Pot Pie.. Chicken pot pie…

I love chicken pot pie. I started making pot pies years ago – and have tweaked the recipe thru the years to it’s perfection state 🙂 I used to make them for my parents when I cooked freezer meals for … Continue reading

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