Pot Pie.. Chicken pot pie…

I love chicken pot pie. I started making pot pies years ago – and have tweaked the recipe thru the years to it’s perfection state 🙂 I used to make them for my parents when I cooked freezer meals for them. Pot pies freeze very well and are a delicious meal. A one stop meal. The pastry, the veggies, the chicken.. but best of all, the fabulous velvet-y sauce that binds it all together. A roux, made with butter and flour, is the base. It has to be made slowly, and stirred constantly. Otherwise it will burn very quickly. My family adores pot pies – and I enjoy making them. It is a great Sunday dinner, pull it out of the freezer and bake for about an hour/hour and a quarter. Yum…

They are a labor of love – so when I make them – it’s a huge process and I make about 10 for the freezer. If you’re going to the trouble to make a lovely roux, might as well make it worth while 🙂

Recipe will follow soon..

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