Jane’s Famous Gravy..

I do make good gravy. It’s an art – and not many people make gravy these days. My Mom taught me oh so long ago. I am glad she did. For many years I was the “Gravy Maker” for the Senior Citizens Thanksgiving Feast at our church/school. I started making it as I was horrified to find out they were using CANNED gravy before I volunteered. My DD is no longer at school there so this year was the first I did not have to make a turkey 2 weeks ahead of Thanksgiving – just so I’d have the drippings to make the “vat” of gravy. I hope they still make homemade for the senior citizens luncheon! I have to say – the crockpot was always scraped clean when I got it back after the lunch.

Today I whipped up some gravy for a friend (same friend who brought some turkey over for the pot pies I also made!) – as she made a fresh turkey this week and had saved the drippings for me 🙂 The only thing I missed was the potato water that I typically add in at the very end – for flavor and a good thickener, as I didn’t cook any potatoes today!

Secret to awesome gravy? Must must MUST be made in a cast iron skillet. No other way to make good gravy!

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