Pork Medallions in Mushroom Gravy

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This is another recipe we stumbled across somewhere – so glad we did!  We modified it quite a bit – as in making it pretty low salt and then adding to taste.  I also added in more mushrooms as who doesn’t love portobello mushrooms!  Yummy!  This is so good – I served it with red mashed potatoes – so delicious! The gravy is so silky and flavorful – the entire recipe is great to serve to guests, yourselves, or take to a friend who needs a great meal!  I made more gravy as I wanted plenty for the leftovers and also to ensure we wouldn’t run out – would hate to run short!

Please note – it has to be a pork tenderloin – not a pork loin.  A tenderloin is smaller and thinner than a pork loin – typically 1-2 pounds vs 3-5 pounds.


As always – ENJOY!!

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