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It is that time of the weekend. Yes it is.

It is Friday night. Margarita time!!

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Making old furniture fun

We inherited all my MIL’s dining room furniture. Not really my favorite, but it was fine for 10 years. It was walnut and oak, NICE quality furniture, just not my style. So, then we inherited MY parent’s dining room furniture. … Continue reading

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Easy eggs benedict..

I started making this recipe years ago for brunches.. *I* prefer my eggs benedict with extra crispy bacon as opposed to canadian bacon. DH prefers the ham. LOL. I cook the bacon in the oven on parchment paper, single layer, … Continue reading

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Simplest and yummiest London Broil EVAH!

I was scarred for life after eating London Broil at several parties thru the years.. Can we just say TOUGH AS NAILS??? So, I wasn’t sure I wanted to deal with one at home after that, I mean what would … Continue reading

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Candied Pecan/Walnut Recipe

We gobbled these up – they are so yummy!! Caramelized Pecans 2 Tbsp butter 1 cup pecans (or walnuts) 2 Tbsp brown sugar Melt butter in skillet over low heat. Add pecans and brown sugar. Cook, stirring constantly, for 2-3 … Continue reading

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What you should do/know when picking a contractor..

The master bathroom – it is complete. And it was done on time, correctly, with a minimum of fuss (other than we were out of our master bath while it was being worked on). When settling on a contractor, do … Continue reading

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Yum. Dinner at the Village Tavern tonight.

DD stayed home to study for Honors Bio exam… One can only hope the extra studying paid off! 😉 Tuna Tartare: Grilled chicken over greens: Gouda Mac and Cheese London Broil Sandwich:

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BEFORE Master Bathroom Pictures

So now that you have seen the gold cherubs, I will show you what it looked like AFTER the beautemous gold cherubs. LOL 😉 I know – you are thinking “wow, pretty good job, eh?” I did this one week … Continue reading

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Before BEFORE Master Bathroom

We had our master bathroom renovated in September. Big time. Down to the wall studs. It really need some updating. The brassy parts on the glass shower doors were horrible, and the doors themselves were nasty. I had regrouted the … Continue reading

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Venison. NO- I am not cooking that tonight!

Thought you might like to see my visitors today. They seem to like my yard. I was walking thru the kitchen and caught movement in the backyard. Three deer out playing/eating/having a great time!! We will not be having venison … Continue reading

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