What you should do/know when picking a contractor..

The tub surroundThe master bathroom – it is complete.

And it was done on time, correctly, with a minimum of fuss (other than we were out of our master bath while it was being worked on).

When settling on a contractor, do the following:

1) Ask your friends, co-workers
2) Get recommendations
3) SEE the finished job
4) Find out if the contractor showed up when scheduled.
5) Was the job completed on time and on budget?
6) Were THEY happy with the job?
7) Did the contractor “disappear” for days a time with no word from him/her?
8) Find out if you can do small jobs yourself (if you want) to save money – I sealed the tile and painted the w/c myself to speed things up and save $$
9) GET a WRITTEN contract! Make sure it spells out things like time frame/costs/exactly what will be accomplished
10) Be realistic. If the parts don’t show up, then the job might be delayed
11) Have everything ready when the contractor arrives. I had EVERYTHING personal out of the bathroom
12) Be prepared for a mess. Dust is everywhere. Get used to it.
13) IF you are responsible for buying items, have them on hand READY to be installed. Make sure you have EVERYTHING. I ordered all my items (sinks/mirrors/faucets/lights) online and checked it all ahead of time to make sure what was shipped was correct and that I had *everything* that I needed.
14) KNOW what you want and be decisive
15) And again, be prepared for a MESS. The dust is overwhelming.

Best of all – be patient 🙂

Good luck!!

The finished job will be worth it if you get a good contractor. I promise! I did – and I am very happy with my spa bathroom.. Ahhhhhh.


REMEMBER these items when (IF) you hire a contractor!!!

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