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SlowCooker Pot Roast Recipe

This recipe was a breeze.  TRULY a breeze.  I threw it all in the slow cooker, walked away for hours, came back and dinner was READY!  Best thing ever! SlowCooker Pot Roast Recipe April 3, 2017 by Jane Category Beef Ingredients … Continue reading

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Pressure Cooker Risotto Recipe

Never EVER would I have thought to cook risotto in the pressure cooker.  WHY oh why didn’t I use this method earlier??  It’s SO easy and SO fast!! Pressure Cooker Risotto Recipe July 15, 2016 by Jane Category Side Dishes Ingredients … Continue reading

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Pot Roast.. Pressure Cooker time!!

Tonight I forgot to take something out of the freezer for dinner. HOWEVER, I do own a pressure cooker.. As you have probably seen from past posts! So, I pulled out a roast at 510pm, and at 530 I heated … Continue reading

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Pressure Cooker – Rosemary and Garlic Chicken Recipe

I remember my Mom cooking with a pressure cooker all the time. Scared me as one time the top blew off, and I think that scarred me for life.. Well, until today. LOL. I bought one and figured they have … Continue reading

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42nd Street OysterBar

Ahhhh. No I did not cook tonight. DD is at a sleepover tonight.

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The first present

DH opened a present tonight. We always pick one present for another person to open. I picked wine for Joe to open. Yumm.

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