Painted Pavers…

I saw this in a magazine a few weeks back and thought “hey I can do that”.

And I did 🙂

I bought 20 12×12 pavers at Home Depot (they were 1.50 each). I also bought a small jar of chalk paint at Home Depot.. One small jar will do all the pavers. I went with blue as the other colors were kind of boring. And as you all know – I’m not boring. LOL

I then ordered a 12×12 stencil from Amazon (hard to find good ones at local stores). I also ordered a set of stencil brushes from Amazon (way cheaper than one small brush at Home Depot).

I spread all the pavers out in the sun to dry as they were pretty damp from being stacked at the store. I brushed off the dirt and chalky mess wearing leather gloves..

I taped the stencil on with blue painter’s tape – and I tap-tap-tapped the paint on. So easy. Took about 3 minutes per stone (took more time to move them around and place them and put the stencil on than actually paint!)

I needed these “steps” as the side of the house down towards the back yard is pretty steep – and pine straw is VERY slippery went wet or damp.. I had to “dig” them into the yard so they would not move around. I leveled each one with a level to make sure they were okay. This was a HORRIBLE pain in the arse, but had to be done. There is a river birch right by this area and the roots are dreadful. Anyway, all good, I’ll head back to HD and buy more pavers later in the week and finish the job. That will be the easy part – all I have to do is paint, and place them on the ground as it’s level…















I need about 15 more to take the walk way all the way under the porch to the back steps. It turned out so great!

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