Freezer meals..

For many MANY years I would cook meals for my parents when I visited – so Mom wouldn’t have to cook herself. My Dad had Alzheimers and my Mom took care of him at home – both in their 80s. So not too much time for cooking.. I would ship my necessary cooking items back to their house, and scrounge up other items from my sister in law or whomever. Then I would cook. And cook. I would make so many meals.

Here are pictures of Mom’s old chest freezer, JAM packed full. You can see that I was a busy busy girl when I was there!

So many meals!


Ready to haul to the basement to go in the freezer..

Ready to haul to the basement to go in the freezer..

I don't think another meal would fit!

I don’t think another meal would fit!

The extra fridge freezer was even jam packed!

Dad passed away last year, and Mom is now in a senior apartment – her meals are provided – so no more “cook fests” when back in St Louis..

I now cook freezer meals with a friend once in awhile – and we thoroughly enjoy it. Both our families reap the benefits 🙂

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