Visions of the worst Thanksgiving.. What my Thanksgiving feast will *NOT* be…

My BFFs ex MIL – boiled her turkey one year.  Yup, you read it right.  BOILED.  OMG.  So rubber turkey is the highlight of a horrible Thanksgiving meal:

  • Boiled turkey (think white rubber and you’re on the right track)
  • canned gravy (extra salt added)
  • instant mashed potatoes (made with water only – no milk or margarine)
  • one box of frozen green beans, cooked to death
  • store brand cranberry sauce
  • boxed dressing (made with water – not broth or margarine)
  • store brand white sandwich bread (slightly stale as it was past the date)
  • margarine from a large plastic tub
  • canned sweet potatoes (nothing extra, just dumped into a bowl)
  • canned corn (extra salt on this as well)
  • wine in a huge gallon jug, with screw off cap (perhaps Blue Nun or Boone’s Farm?)
  • not sure what my version of a “horrible” dessert would be.. I mean dried up pumpkin pie, or any type of dried up pie..  but there has to be something worse than that, right? C’mon, give your .02…

Here is a vision of what my worst Turkey Day meal would look like:  (also *worst* because eating ANY meal off a paper plate is horrible to me.  I’m not being rude – just sayin’.  I truly HATE to eat anything (even a picnic) off of a paper plate. That’s just me.  My DH doesn’t mind a bit..  😉  )

Note the congealed “gravy”…

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