Wine cork wreath..

Saw this on Huffington Post:

and it made me think of my own Wine cork wreath creation!

While at dinner at NoFo @ The Pig (Five Points – Raleigh) I saw this really cool wreath made out of wine corks. I had to examine it up close and personal to see if I could make it myself! I checked it out and determined that yes, indeedy, I could make it at home.. I would never have bought that one for these reasons:
1) *MY* corks have sentimental value to me!
2) theirs was wayy too expensive!

I decided to make this wreath. I have been collecting wine corks since DH and I got engaged – which is a loooong time 😉

I bought a straw wreath (with coupon) at AC Moore for about $2. I also bought more glue sticks while I was there! (takes a lot of glue!)

I then sorted the corks. All the favorite ones (Silverado, Silver Oak, LaCrema, Cakebread) went into a stack and the rest in another pile. DD and I started on the inside of the wreath with all the favorite winery’s corks and worked our way out. I held and she glued, then when my arms got tired, she held and I glued. Might have taken all of 30 minutes, and what a fabulous wreath we made!

Up close and personal

Above the wine rack - with Christmas Santa :-)

Above the wine rack – with Christmas Santa 🙂

You can see we like to drink wine!!

You can see we like to drink wine!!

Ribbon - had to be something non fussy to hang..

Ribbon – had to be something non fussy to hang..

Check out those names..  yum...

Check out those names.. yum…

On the wall!

On the wall!

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  1. Super cute! I saw your comment on Huff Post and decided to stop on over. I’m looking for a “next cork project” – maybe I’ll end up doing a wreath like yours! Here’s what I did with my corks –

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