Spicy Chicken.. Oh so delish!

Many MANY years ago we stumbled across this BBQ sauce made locally in Durham.. We always called it “Big Jim’s”. LOL! Anyway, it is the BEST


This is how we make our amazing barbeque..

Take large chicken breasts, with the bone. Must be boned. Grill for about 30 minutes on a pretty high temperature – turn a few times. It’s okay if the skin gets burnt..




I use the “Big Jim’s Hot”. Pour half of a large bottle into a mixing bowl. Add the same amount of water as you have sauce. Stir. Note – if you don’t add the water the sauce is too thick..

Get a large baking pan that can go on the grill. Coat it with cooking spray. Put the breasts into the pan meat side down. Pour the sauce all over the meat – there will be a lot of sauce – which is what you want.

Seal the pan up tightly with several layers of aluminum foil.

Slap back on the grill (I don’t put the pan directly on the heat – I move it to the side) another 30-40 minutes, at about 400/500 degrees.

Remove from the grill, let sit for about 5 minutes. CAREFULLY remove the foil, tilting it away from your face as you peel it away from the pan.

Take each breast out and cut the meat off the bone. It will literally fall off and she skin will peel right off. I place it in a big bowl and pour the excess sauce all over it.

It is EXCELLENT and it gets rave reviews from all my friends!




PS it’s excellent as a leftover – as the meat just sucks in the juice..

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