Coupons – what to do with them?

Today’s paper had an article in it regarding coupon clipping/saving coupons and organizing them.

My Mom was an avid couponer. With 5 growing kids to feed – she had to economize.

For many years she would mail me the good coupons every week so I could maximize *my* savings.

For years I used a coupon box, then a folder, then a larger box-type item. I finally hit upon this “organizer”. It looks like a briefcase (I picked it up on clearance at an office supply store). I bought inserts such as you would use for baseball cards. I organized much the same way my old “box” was organized.

Yes, it’s a pain to lug in a store. But wayyyy easier than that stupid box. It sits up on the top of the cart, the pages flip easily, and I can find everything I need.

People have stopped me to comment on my “organization skills”. LOL.

It is a pain to keep up with – going thru it once a month/throwing out expired ones/filing away new ones, blah blah blah. But it has saved us 1000s of dollars thru the years. Truly.

I regularly lug it with me when we go on a driving trip somewhere as DH is driving and I can go thru them in the car and be done with it. I mean I’m held captive ANYWAY, right? Might as well make the best use of my time..

Here is what my “organizer” looks like..




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