Sealing freezer bags to prevent freezer burm

I used to make freezer meals for my parents. LOTS of freezer meals. I wanted a way to prevent freezer burn as long as possible without using a food vac or some complicated method as I was at their house in another state. (Complicated enough that I shipped all my cooking utensils and used pots and pans from my brother and family!).

Sooooo. One of my walking buddies used this method the other day after making freezer meals for her mother in law. She saw it on one of my earlier posts about Chicken Pot Pies. She asked me where I come up with all my ideas. LOL.

I insert a drinking straw into the side of the freezer bag.

I seal up the freezer bag almost all the way to the straw.

Start sucking the air out while holding the bag at the straw tightly with one hand.

KEEP sucking the air out. You will see the bag start to close in around the item. Keep sucking.

Eventually you will grow faint (just kidding!) Continue to suck the air out thru the straw and pull the straw out while zipping bag closed.

YES you can do it.

It does work. I have used this method for years.

Good luck!

(I know I look like a nut in these pictures – I was cooking like crazy – so ignore me – just look at what I’m doing!)




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