Baa baa black sheep have you any ravioli?

Toasted ravioliYes sir, yes, ma’am, three bags full. One for my DH, one for my DD, and one for me!


I dragged 3 bags of frozen toasted raviolis home with me from St Louis. I didn’t have ice packs so I froze water in freezer bags and packed them around the raviolis. Stuck it in my checked bags and home sweet home we flew. All good 🙂

They arrived frozen solid and were promptly placed into my freezer for later use. YUM!!!!

Next visit, cheese.. My wonderful Sappington Farmer’s Market closed but my friend John scoped out a new place for me so I should be good! Oh, and I’ll likely need some salad dressing as well.. Some Pasta House, Rich and Charlie’s and maybe some Zia’s.. Yes, salad dressing is a must for my next trip back to St Louis.

I used to bring home a case of Hendrickson’s each time, but now our local stores sell that wonderful dressing 🙂

Had Italian food (my stuffed shells) for dinner tonight. Almost broke out some raviolis but thought maybe we should pace ourselves..


Happy Monday!

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