Cinnamon Rolls, Part Deux

Remember those cinnamon rolls I mentioned the other day?

I made the dough and let it rise. I punched it down and put it in the freezer. I took it out and stuck it in a suitcase (YES you read it right) and it went to St. Louis (checked bags). I then let it continue defrosting in my Mom’s refrigerator. I took it out, formed the rolls, let them rise all night, and baked them the next day. Perfection. As I always say “yum scrum”…

Easy as pie. Don’t let them intimidate you. Nothing to it.

I will let you guess the secret ingredient, though.. C’mon, go ahead and try.

I whipped up more dough the other night, it’s in the freezer, and I will repeat the above to make the rolls for my Mom’s surprise (SHHHHH!) 83rd birthday celebration in St Louis this weekend.

So ignore the clutter in these pictures – remember -I was making them at my Mom’s new apartment and so it was sort of strange not having a real kitchen. In fact, (funny story alert), I went to bake something in the oven the day before and the oven would NOT turn on. The stupid thing was unplugged (never had been used). So I had to pull the oven out from the wall, crawl behind it, plug it in, and then hit the breaker. AND then – no knobs. Yes, you read that right. I was about to rip my hair out. So I used a pliers to turn the oven to “ON” (electric oven). And then I used the pliers again to “guess” at the right temperature. And they turned out fine. Mom got a new oven after I left to come back home.. LOL.

The dough all rolled out and ready for cinnamon and sugar!

The dough all rolled out and ready for cinnamon and sugar!

Rising rolls!

Rising rolls!

Glazed and ready to eat...

Glazed and ready to eat…

Don’t forget to guess the secret ingredient!!

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  1. proyramu says:

    They look really goo! Thanks for following my blog 🙂

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