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Balsamic Dressing Recipe

I adore anything with balsamic vinegar in it, and I whipped this up for dinner the other night in a flash and it was FABULOUS!!!  So easy and it never separated so I was easily able to pour it onto … Continue reading

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Pressure Cooker Risotto Recipe

Never EVER would I have thought to cook risotto in the pressure cooker.  WHY oh why didn’t I use this method earlier??  It’s SO easy and SO fast!! Print Pressure Cooker Risotto Recipe Ingredients 6-7 cups chicken stock 1/4 cup … Continue reading

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Smashed Red Potato Recipe

I love red potatoes – they are so yummy and so full of flavor!  Rosemary from my garden makes anything taste even better – ESPECIALLY red potatoes! Print Smashed Red Potato Recipe Ingredients 1-2 pounds small red potatoes 1-2 Tbs … Continue reading

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Marinated Grilled Pork Tenderloin Recipe

Pork tenderloin is so versatile and SO easy to cook!  I highly recommend it for an easy quick item to throw on the grill! Print Marinated Grilled Pork Tenderloin Recipe Ingredients 1-2 pound pork tenderloin 1/2 cup worcestershire sauce 1/2 … Continue reading

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How to Grate Fresh Horseradish Root

We’re making a fabulous prime rib in a few days, and I wanted to make sure we had yummy horseradish to go with it.  I went to Whole Foods and bought a small root, it was about .80!  Here’s what … Continue reading

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Classic Hash Brown Recipe

My daughter loves hash browns – so I whipped these up for dinner, along with some scrambled eggs and other goodies.  Breakfast for dinner is always fun!! Print Classic Hash Brown Recipe Ingredients 2 russet potatoes, peeled 4 Tbs unsalted … Continue reading

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Roasted Garlic Cauliflower

I love cauliflower, and when some arrived in my weekly Produce Farmers Direct box, I knew that I was going to mash it!  YUMMY!! This recipe is healthy and easy – I highly recommend it.  It’s a great alternative to … Continue reading

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