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Nails and Nail Polish

OK, I know this site is not  about fashion. Or fingernail polish. Or manicures. However, I just had to rant and rave about this nail polish. I painted my nails on July 3. I have cut the grass, I have … Continue reading

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Darling Daughter told me a friend of hers made a nail polish “display”. That got me thinking… So here is what we did with our bazillion bottles of nail polish! Great idea! Prior to this fabulous reorganization they were all … Continue reading

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Is your brown sugar as hard as a rock?

here’s what to do.. Place the brown sugar in a microwaveable container. Place 2 damp paper towels on top. Cover tightly with plastic wrap. Microwave on high for 30 seconds, and then fluff the sugar. Continue at 10 second intervals … Continue reading

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In honor of my dear wonderful husband..

I made this framed wine cork trivet/tray/wall hanging. I saved every cork of every bottle we ever drank. I dumped the plastic ones and just used real cork.. I think it looks pretty cool.. And it brings back wonderful memories … Continue reading

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Some Sad News

My name is Kim and Jane is my dear friend. Sadly, her husband Joe died unexpectedly on Tuesday. Needless to say, Jane will be absent from the blog for awhile. Please keep Jane and her family in your thoughts and … Continue reading

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Venison. NO- I am not cooking that tonight!

Thought you might like to see my visitors today. They seem to like my yard. I was walking thru the kitchen and caught movement in the backyard. Three deer out playing/eating/having a great time!! We will not be having venison … Continue reading

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Sealing freezer bags to prevent freezer burm

I used to make freezer meals for my parents. LOTS of freezer meals. I wanted a way to prevent freezer burn as long as possible without using a food vac or some complicated method as I was at their house … Continue reading

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